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Why So Grumpy!

Why so grumpy?

It’s always refreshing to hear that your child is well-behaved at school or nursery, but when they turn into little monsters at home, it can be hard to comprehend why.

So – just what makes schoolchildren so grumpy and uncooperative after the bell rings?

Firstly, most children behave themselves at school and work hard to impress their teachers because they want to be liked by them. The positive reinforcement they receive in a less familiar environment – with their peers – reins them in when they might otherwise misbehave. Once school’s finished however, the effort of ‘being good’ seeps out into less restrained behaviour.

It should be noted that for most children, this is generally not consciously done. They feel safe and secure at home and they know that ultimately, their needs will be met no matter how they behave there. Having behaved all day, they subsequently let their guard down and they probably also know exactly what they can get away with i.e. they have more power at home.

What can you do then to improve behaviour at home?

  • Create a culture of accountability – make sure your child knows their misbehaviour has consequences and won’t be tolerated any more.
  • Tackle one behaviour at a time.
  • Establish clear rules/expectations.
  • Make sure you mean what you say – be consistent.
  • Use positive reinforcement.
  • Stay calm and don’t join in with aggressive behaviour.
  • Lead by example.

Ultimately, if your child is behaving at school, they have the skills to do the same at home, so it’s important to recognise this. Tiredness can also be a contributing factor, so ensuring your child eats healthily and has the energy for a full day’s activities will help, as well as getting a good night’s sleep.

It will take time and effort to generate better behaviour at home, but with perseverance, it can be done.

Viral infections in children

Fighting viral infection in children
As January gets underway and winter takes its hold, the chances of your child picking up viral infections and colds is more likely than ever. Children are, of course, susceptible to bugs all year round, but it can be particularly difficult to shake off these viral infections in the colder months.
While there isn’t a cure for viral infection in children, there are precautions you can take as a parent to ensure that, when the inevitable happens, your child can recover as quickly as possible. How often your child catch an viral infection and how rapidly they recuperate, can be managed, and it’s all down to how strong their immune system is.

Fighting back
Whether your child develops a sore throat, cough, a cold, or picks up a viral infection they haven’t had before, a healthy immune system is crucial to fight any infection off.
So, what can you do to boost your child’s immune system?

The NHS has five top tips:
Sleep – Quality sleep allows the release of growth hormones which benefit children’s immune system and their brain.
Drink more milk – dairy products are packed with protein and vitamins A and B12 to allow normal growth.
Eat more fruit and vegetables – these are key sources of vital vitamins and minerals
Be active – regular exercise boosts the immune system, so encourage your kids to walk, ride a bike or play football
Have a hearty breakfast – starting the day fully fuelled with a healthy breakfast will give little bodies the energy they need to fight off infections

Avoid second-hand smoke, anyone who’s known to have a viral infection and washing hands regularly are also important.
Ultimately, your child’s immune system benefits from balance, so combining these recommendations will ensure your child is well-equipped to handle any viral infection coming their way.