At Articlave Daycare, Coleraine, we provide childcare for toddlers between 2 and 3 years old. It offers a very secure, warm and nurturing environment. Our dedicated staff work with this age group on sharing and getting along with others. We focus on encouraging them to verbalise their concerns and express their feelings, to learn how to respect others and build relationships.

Some children in toddlers room start to learn how to use the bathroom. Our staff work hard to make this stage of life as stress free as possible by encouraging children and praising them for being so clever.









Here is an example of a week routine in toddlers room.

7.45am -Nursery opens: free play

8.30am – Breakfast

9am – Creative games and table top toys or Messy play (ie. water/sand/painting)

10am – Snack: fruit, pancakes, toasted muffins, Soda Bread, Bagels …..and drink + free play

11am – Sing a song and dance + colouring or painting

11.30am – Outdoor play (weather permitted)

12pm -Lunch for all children around a table to encourage socialising.

12.30pm -Story time.

1pm – Nap time or quiet activity for those who don’t sleeping

1.30pm – Quiet activity

2.30pm – Outdoor Play (weather permitted)

3pm – snack (fruit and drink) + free play

3.30pm – Story time + discussion

4pm – Free play (home corner, dressing up, ….)

6pm -Nursery closes

 Throughout the day staff play and interact with children and encourage verbal communication. Regularly, toddlers get to choose the activities they want to do to help build their confidence, decision making and leading skills. Drinks of water are given to children any time of the day.
  • Water play in toddlers room