Babies Room

In Babies Room at Articlave Daycare Nursery Coleraine, we provide childcare for babies between 3 months and 2 years. We ensure a loving and stimulating environment for your babies with staff who are there because of their love of children and excellent abilities to take care of them. We work as a family to offer you and your little ones an outstanding service so you can go about your day with peace of mind knowing your babies are well looked after in the best possible hands.

We initially follow your home routine until your baby is settled in his new environment. We then gently get him to follow our babies room routine in terms of meals and sleeping times.

Staff introduce different textures to the babies to help them explore textures during sensory activities. Such activities involve coloured water, batter, playdough, paint, foam, sand, ice cubes …..etc. During free play, staff are bonding with children through one-to-one reading, singing, playing in the kitchen, playing with water or sand or just enjoying a cuddle.

  • Coloured sand play n Babies Room at Articlave Daycare Nursery