Childcare Services at Articlave Daycare Nursery

Childcare services at Articlave Daycare nursery are provided for children aged between 3 months and 11 years old in our well equipped facility under the care of experienced and qualified staff. We have 5 sections in the building to cater for different age groups.

We have at least 2 members of staff in each room making sure the staff/children ratio is assured. Each room has a daily routine that includes learning activities, free play, story times, nap times for children who still need it and quiet time. Healthy breakfast, Home-made Lunch, morning and afternoon snacks are served to all children. Drinks of water are offered regularly in between especially in hot days.

Outdoor play is a must every day unless it is raining. Staff make sure that activities are planned to take place in our outdoor space.

  • Our 2 very spacious and bright Baby rooms have space for 9 and 6  babies with an integrated sleeping room in each.
  • Our Toddlers room is a very bright, colourful and attractive space with 2 sections that provide plenty of space for different activities and can cater for 20 children.
  • Our Pre-school Room is another spacious, welcoming and warm area with all equipment and materials needed for the development of your child.
  • Our After School Club room is linked to our Pre-school room with access to a quiet area for homework and lots of toys and equipments appropriate to school children.

We would like you to come and see our setting. We promise you will be impressed.