Rebekah Davies

July 6, 2017

Where do I start?
I can’t believe I haven’t thought of reviewing this place so far, ideally I would like to give a 100 star rating to this place as I regard this business as my child’s second home.

Two years ago, Danielle and the team went out of their way to make my daughters transition into nursery as easy for fódhla and I as they possibly could. For any parent, the first day of having their first born start nursery can be extremely tough… however, we were given the chance to bring our daughter in for a few hours to have an introduction period and introduce ourselves to all of the staff.

While in the baby room, Bekah and Demi were absolutely brilliant with Fódhla and I felt I couldn’t have left them in more capable hands. They filled me in every single day on anything I had missed – whether it be a new baby gurgle noise that Fódhla had made or how far she had crawled. I could tell my daughter loved spending time with them and when we would drive up to the entrance of the nursery she would have a smile from ear to ear, eager to get in the door.

When starting into the toddler room, Fódhla was apprehensive at first, not being with her pals, but Alyson went out of her way to make her feel at home and be part of the new group of children.
Fódhla has excelled in recent months and I can definitely say that being in the toddler room with Alyson has contributed towards this – judging by the range of knowledge enhancing games they play.

Throughout the past two years, Danielle has sent home letters from santa, end of year report cards, end of year art books (with personalised messages and loooooads of pictures) gifts for every festive occasion, outings to alley cats, the park, organised guest visitors and provided a diary for what my daughter has been doing every day she has spent in the nursery.

I couldn’t be happier with the service that Danielle and all the staff provide, they are AMAZING!

A massive thanks from Fódhla, Stevie and I 🙂