Joanna Graham

Back in 2013 I was a nervous and very anxious first time mummy who was having to return to work and leave a 6 month old baby behind. I was distraught. I’d looked at other nurseries but my heart just wasn’t in them. My mum encouraged a very reluctant me to have a look at Articlave Nursery. Danielle and her wonderful girls have been a god send. The nursery is amazing and the staff go above and beyond what is expected of them. My little girl comes home and tells me all about the fun she had at nursery, singing nursery rhymes, repeating stories that have been read to her, talking about her friends and all the fun she had playing outside and even on occasions bringing home buns that she made!! There are also numerous pieces of art work which take pride of place throughout the house, lol!! From a tiny tot she knew all her colours, was counting and is now saying the alphabet which is all down to the staff there. She is also a fantastic eater and again I feel it is down to the vast range of foods she tries at nursery. I also see a difference between her and my niece who didn’t attend nursery. My daughter would be more sociable and is great at mixing, taking turns and sharing…., well most of the time, lol!! When she wakes up in the morning she asks to go to nursery and is disappointed if it’s not a nursery day!! I love seeing her excited face in the evening when she shows me her hair that Alison braided, or nails that Kirsty painted, or when she produces her latest art work from her bag. At Easter a lovely scrapbook was sent home with all her bits and pieces she created over the year which was a wonderful surprise. She loves playing in the garden outside or a walk to the park and shop. From a mum who thought that having to put her baby into nursery was the worst thing in the world I now know it was the best decision I ever made. You think that no one will ever look after your baby like you do but I know that those girls love my little girl like one of their own. She has grown into a happy, healthy and confident three year old. I cannot recommend this nursery enough. My little girl is due to start preschool and move on from nursery, I have gone from the mum who didn’t want to leave her in nursery to the mum that doesn’t want her to have to leave!!! But that is all down to the amazing team at Articlave Nursery. I now have a little boy who is 10 weeks old and I already have his name down, and I know when I leave him off I won’t be the blubbering mess I was last time because I know he will be happy and well looked after like she was. My little girl only went two days a week but there were times when my mum couldn’t keep her and Danielle was more than accommodating. The girls are thoughtful, kind and caring. Unfortunately there isn’t enough space to write anymore, all I can say is you will not regret your decision to send your child here 🙂