After School Club

after school club at Articlave Daycare Nursery

After school club at Articlave Daycare Nursery, is a home away from home. We pride ourselves of our warm, professional and welcoming facilities. Our caring staff are devoted to providing a stimulating, positive and relaxed environment to your children. At Articlave Daycare Nursery, we make sure children play outdoor everyday even for a few minutes in bad weather. We have a large secure outdoor play area surrounding the building where children can run about and explore other learning areas.


After school club Staff  at Articlave Daycare Nursery will support and supervise your child to do his or her homework. But we will leave signing and reading to parents. We have a set-up area for homework with chairs, tables and a calm atmosphere. We allow 45 minutes maximum for homework as we don’t want children to miss out on playing with their friends. We will encourage your children to do their homework but we will not force them.

Children’s Refusal to do homework

After school club Staff  at Articlave Daycare Nursery will try their best to motivate children to do their homework but if they continually refuse, we will leave this task to parents. Please feel free to speak to a member of staff or the manager if you have any concerns.


All staff at Articlave Daycare Nursery are passionate about teaching children good manners, good behaviour and how to be kind and considerate to others.
Children are praised for good behaviour and rewarded with stickers and positive feedback to their parents at the end of sessions. Staff make sure good behaviour is noticed. However, we will  discourage unacceptable behaviour through talking to the child and giving them time away from their peers to reflect on their behaviour. Parents are kept informed of all incidents.

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